Monday, August 1, 2011

Shawl Thea

Shawl Thea is made from cotton lycra also known as t-shirt shawl.
Very soft and flexible. The fabric is not to thick. 
Suitable for Malaysian weather.

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Material: Cotton
Size: Width 51CM, Length 160CM
*Price: RM17.00 each
*Postage not included

 Code: ST01
Color: Grey and White
Status: Available

Code: ST02
Color: Grey
Status: Available

Code: ST03
Color: Toast
Status: Available

Code: ST04
Color: Mango
Status: Available

Code: ST05
Color: Green
Status: Available

Code: ST06
Color: Sky blue
Status: Available

Code: ST07
Color: Denim blue
Status: Available

Code: ST08
Color: Hot pink
Status: Out Of Stock

Code: ST09
Color: Lilac
Status: Available

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Inner Myraa

Inner Myraa is design specifically to cover the neck area.
Made from high quality cotton. 
It will not make you feel hot but it will make you look hotter =P
Suitable for wearing messy style shawl, exercise or swimming.

Elegant Collection
Material: Cotton
Size: Free size
*Price: RM28.00 each
*Postage not included

 Code: IM01
Color: Black
Status: Out Of Stock

 Code: IM02
Color: Tobacco Brown
Status: Available

 Code: IM03
Color: Toast
Status: Out Of Stock

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Polka. Candy Bow Brooch

Another Chic Modesty Originals. 
Cute little mini polka dot bow brooch. 
Come in seven different pastel colors.
Can be use to "colour up" your everyday wear.

Buy 3 for RM8.00 only! And you can also mix colors.
(Same code item only)

ChicModesty Originals
Material:  Polyester ribbon
Size: Approximately 5-5.5CM in length
*Price: RM2.80 each, 3 for RM8.00
*Postage not included

Code: PCBB01
Colour: Hot pink
Status: Available

Code: PCBB02
Colour: Soft pink
Status: Available

Code: PCBB03
Colour: Lemon yellow
Status: Available

Code: PCBB04
Colour: Soft green
Status: Available

Code: PCBB05
Colour: Sky blue
Status: Available

Code: PCBB06
Colour: Chocolate
Status: Available

Code: PCBB07
Colour: Black
Status: Available

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